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The Group of Grigna Mountains

The Group of Grigna Mountains - Lake Como

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The Group of Grigna Mountains, completely made of of dolomitic-limestone rock, rises at the western extreme of the Alpi Orobie (Bergamo Alps).
It is limited to the west, from Lecco to Bellano, by the eastern shore of Lake Como, travelled by State Road 36 and by the Lecco-Sondrio railway, and on all the other sides by the Valsassina Provincial Road, which travels (in order) the Gerenzone Valley, the Balisio Valley and the Valley of Pioverna, or Valsassina.

The Group’s main ridge includes: Grigna Meridionale (Southern) or Grignetta – 2184 m.; Grigna Settentrionale (Northern) or Grignone - 2409 mt.; Monte Pilastro - 1823 mt.; and Pizzi di Parlasco - 1511 mt. Located on the slope that from Grignetta decends toward Mandello, we point out Rifugio Rosalba – 1730 m., in a very panoramic position. Rifugio Elisa – 1515 mt., is an excellent departure point for climbs to Sasso Cavallo and Sasso dei Carbonari, besides for climbs to Grignone and for interesting crossings.

If the paths are snow-covered, especially those above 1000 - 1200 m., their characteristics can change completely and prestent accentuated difficulties.
Therefore, maximum caution is recommended before adventuring out onto snow-covered paths or ski slopes, especially when it is snowing, which could quickly change the a path’s level of danger. A certain level of alpine experience and much caution are essential, especially in the case of slippery rocks due to the rain.
Where indicated, equipment for “ferrate” (routes fitted with ropes, metal ladders) is a must.

Lierna Castle | Church of St. Ambrogio

Lierna is affirming itself ever more as a tourist site, the quiet and beauty of this land makes it a very esteemed vacation spot, we'd like to point out the Riva Bianca - one the Lake Como's most beautiful beaches.
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Church St. Lorenzo | Silk Museum

In this area you can make many excursions and trips: in the hamlet of Linzanico starts the trail that in about three hours of walking gets to Resinelli Flatland, the trail of the Wayfarer starts at Borbino, an ancient trail that connected Lecco to Colico. | Lierna Weather - Map

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Dried shad, called misultitt or missultin in dialect, were at one time a precious food for inhabitants of Lake Como; the particular processing allowed them to be conserved for more than a year.
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