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Lierna Castle - Lake Como

Lierna Castle - Lake Como

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Borgo di Castello stands on a natural cape, to the north of the town of Lierna towards Varenna. Lierna Castle dates back to Roman times, completely reworked throughout centuries, it's ancient walls toward Lake Como, the foundation - of medieval construction - of a watch tower and the little 11th century church of Saints Maurice and Lazarus.

Initial official sources describing Lierna Castle as a bulwark, date back to the 10 year war (1117 - 1127) between Como and Milan; the people of Milan allied Lierna with its bulwark and defeated the people of Como in August of 1127.

The castle carried out a defensive function for four more centuries under the Milan Dukedom, until the 16th century when it lost its strategic importance: It was then dismantled as a fortified work and destined to housing and commercial use, taking advantage of its easy access to Riva Bianca and to Riva Nera for the merchandise exchanges along the waters of Lake Como.

Lierna Castle, now transformed into a local village, presents some unique characteristics, houses nearly built one on top of the other, there are amazing, flourishing courtyards, narrow alleys, even the village piazza where the church of Saints Maurice and Lazarus stands; it all takes you back to a Medieval era where time stands still in this sublime incantation.

The small church of Saints Maurice and Lazarus dates back to the 11th century, there are frescoes of the two saints dressed as warriors on the external façade, and inside there is a relic of St. Maurice which is carried each year in the procession the evening of September 22 - the day of the Patron Saint.

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Various theme cruises are organized by the Lake Navigation Management, besides the normal lake navigation service, in July and August, it is possible to take a cruise on the Concordia with restaurant service.
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Dried shad, called misultitt or missultin in dialect, were at one time a precious food for inhabitants of Lake Como; the particular processing allowed them to be conserved for more than a year.
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