Pianello Lario Information

Pianello Lario (Como)

Coordinates:46°06'10"N 9°16'35"E
Altitude:202 m. s.l.m.
Surface:9,8 km²
Density:108 ab/km²
Postal code:22010
Dialing code:0344
Patron Saint:Saint Martino

Weekly market in Musso

Musso marketThursday - Località Campaccio

Pianello Lario Useful Phones - (Dialing code Italy: +39)

Pianello Lario City HallPiazza del Comune 1 - tel. 0344 87121
Museum of Vintage BoatsVia Regina 1268 - tel. 0344 87235
Medical clinicFraz. Calozzo - tel. 0344 86088
Pharmacy Medicea (Musso)Via Regina 30 - tel. 0344 86192
Carabinieri (Dongo)Via Gentile 4 - tel. 0344 81236
Fire Department (Dongo)Via Porto Nuovo 1 - tel. 0344 80032
Ferry boat (Cadenabbia)Via Regina 29 - tel. 0344 40479

Fairs and festivals Pianello

Patron Saint day11 Novembre
Liturgical celebration of St.Guanella24 Ottobre



Musso is a town rich with history: in the thirteenth century the area was the feud of Malacrida family, allies to the Duchy of Milan. In 1522, Gian Giacomo Medici, called the Medeghino, stormed the castle and enlarged the fortifications.


Lake Como Cuisine

Typical Lake Como cuisine

Dried Shad (Agone), called Missoltini or Missultin, were at one time a precious food for inhabitants of Lake Como, the particular processing allowed them to be conserved for more than a year, excellent traditional Lake Como cuisine.

Lario Cuisine



Menaggio's particularly mild climate, ventilated by two winds known as Breva and Tivano, and its optimal sunny position allows for a surprising flora along the lake shore. Its supply of receptive and sporting facilities is excellent.